Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense Mixtape

Well you already found out a little about this mixtape earlier this week, check that post for more info on the project and some samples of the music on this project. This is all new music from Godamus Rhyme, produced by 6th Sense from Notherground Music.

6th Sense vs. Godamus Rhyme – "The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense" (mixtape) © 2008-09 Notherground/ Rhyme Werks, LLC.

1. Manifest (intro) feat. 6th Sense
2. Tonight
3. The Maguire
4. Too Complex (remix)
5. Murder Rap
6. Who Killed Her? (interlude)
7. Grand Theft Audio
8. Say Hello (intermission) feat. 6th Sense
9. Evil Freeverse
10. Goddy’s World
11. The Soliloquy
12. Obama Freeverse
13. Time Of Our Life
14. Celine Dion
15. Everyday Struggle
16. Computer Love (reprise)
17. L.L.D. Freeverse feat. Kan Yeezy
18. Chopped (A Digger’s Story)
19. Mission Statements
20. Cocky (The Bastard’s Theme)
21. Want vs. Need
22. Still Rockin’
23. The Future
24. Dreams
25. High Stakes
26. Change Pt. II
27. Peter Panning
28. Coast 2 Coast
29. Time 2 Go
30. The Key
31. Venus (You Could Have Been)
32. We Don’t Stop

Saturday, April 26, 2008

...Quick Thoughts on Sean Bell...

I just want to express my disgust once again at the lack of justice provided for African-American Males in the United States of America. I can only hope that the family does find some justice in a higher court. It seems our courts will go to any length to ensure that cops have the right to shoot scary black men at the first sign of perceived threat without fear of repercussions. If you know any people that are happy with this verdict or find it a trivial matter, please find some time to give them some stern words. Obviously this has been the talk of the city for the past couple days, but it's pretty tough for people to think there are still no repercussions for these actions.

I may have more to say on this later.

Real quick, two and a half joints from the new Roots album (one on that fits the Sean Bell topic pretty well) and two joints from Keith Murray's just released Intellectual Violence. Go out to support both, and cop H.N.I.C. 2 while your at it. Maybe I'll write up some reviews when I have more time, but I've updated the heavy rotation section.
"Hey Ladies" - Keith Murray
"Def Squad " Keith Murray featuring Def Squad (yeah. Redman destroys this song, like it's 96).
"Lost Desire" The Roots featuring Malik B. and Talib Kweli (Malik B. is better than your favorite rapper).
"Criminal" The Roots featuring Truck North and Saigon (Saigon's album needs to drop now Atlantic).
"Unwritten" The Roots featuring Mercedez Martinez (Anything due out next tuesday or the tuesday after to somebody who can tell me why this song is on the European version of the Roots album and mysteriously removed from the American verse some two bars in?)
And a couple Sean Bell related songs:

Saturday, December 8, 2007

...Some New (Old) Shit...

I picked this up a little while ago on, it's been posted on some other blogs in this form or others. There's a twenty track version for sale on if you're interested. I just thought I'd throw out a few of my favorite joints off it. It appears this is Bomb Squad material, so pre-Warlox, so pre-Styles despite the cover. It's all Sheek & Jadakiss. Kinda ups my appreciation for Sheek a little too, but the young Jadakiss, excuse me Big Jay, verses are the real gems.

Friday, December 7, 2007

...Hobby In The Lobby Presents Mac & Brad...

Here's a little mix I threw together after hearing the "Rain" off Beanie Sigel's new album The Solution. I'm still not sure how I feel about The Solution as I haven't had time to fully digest it, and it seems like an album that will probably grow on me. Sige took a different direction musically, but it was probably time for that, hopefully he'll come back on something a little different than this, but he didn't go too far left field for me. And he's still killing those verses. Anyway "Rain (Bridge)" features Scarface and it made me think "Hey there just might be enough Beanie and Face collabs out there to make a little mix." There were actually a couple more than I remembered, four of 'em happen to feature Jay in his prime too, and that's never a bad thing. A studio album with these two would be fucking incredible, I'm sure it'll never happen, but at least we can dream. Scarface's album Made, is also out, and as usual it's a great record. It's an imperfect album to be sure, but the last four or five tracks are murderous. Enjoy the mix.

Mac & Brad (Link Fixed)

Mac and Brad
Guess Who's Back featuring Jay-Z
Moms Prayin' featuring Jay-Z
This Can't Be Life featuring Jay-Z
Some How Some Way featuring Jay-Z
Never Snitch featuring The Game
Rain (Bridge)

...Just Quickly...

Madlib decided to remix the whole Percee P album, which was already produced by... um... Madlib. This time he took a decidedly different vibe though, and in many cases the result is vastly superior, sometimes it just sounds offbeat. Either way like Perserverance it's definitely worth a listen.
Here's a few tracks to give you an idea:

Two Brothers From The Gutter featuring Diamond D
The Woman Behind Me (Kind of like this flip better than RZA's...Hmmm)
The Dirt and The Filth featuring Aesop Rock

Thursday, December 6, 2007

...RIP PIMP C...

R.I.P. Chad Butler (December 29, 1973 - December 4, 2007)

There are some things the blog (and hip hop) "community" should (and usually does) come together for. One of those things is honoring the dead. Many felt that UGK got too much promotion from the net in 2006 and 2007, and while at times the hype may have overshadowed the product, the truth of the matter is that much of the praise was long overdue. You just can't argue with the impact that UGK made on southern rap and hip hop as a whole. Pimp C is responsible for too many production innovations to name. Stylistically Pimp and Bun, along with other early southern groups like the Geto Boys, 8Ball & MJG, and Outkast, birthed most of the styles that came to represent southern rap music throughout the nineties, and certainly helped create the climate for the southern dominated rap scene we've seen in the 2000's.

Ironically, the group is often most recognized for relative anomalies in their career, the smash hits, "Big Pimpin'" and "Sippin' On Some Syrup." Both had qualms about doing the former, their world famous collaboration with Jay-Z and Timbaland, because it was a clear departure from their "Country Rap Tunes" style. But if you're one of the many who is still late getting on the UGK bandwagon I don't suggest you start with that type of material, or their LP from that era, their least impressive, Dirty Money. The best UGK albums are their first three, and although I agree with the general consensus that Ridin' Dirty is their masterpiece, Super Tight is an excellent and criminally underappreciated LP, and Too Hard to Swallow is one of the most innovative albums in rap history. If you're collection is missing any of these it's definitely deficient. I also definitely recommend their collabo collection Side Hustles, which contains many of their best collaborations and soundtrack contributions and contains many tracks that are more in line with their classic material than the music on Dirty Money or Underground Kingz (which I also recommend, but don't bump nearly as much as their first three albums or the Side Hustles joint).

I can't quite gauge what will happen to the man's legacy now that he's passed, at the height of his recognition. Like 2pac or Biggie, Pimp C is leaving the game on top. But his catalog is closer to Pac's than Big's with five solid UGK albums, plus a few compilations and solo projects (and probably a pretty good grip of unreleased music). I hope his legacy continues to be recognized and appreciated like it has been this year in years to come.

For me I think the saddest thing about the whole scenario is how quickly Bun B and UGK fans have had to transition from the Free Pimp C rhetoric to RIP Pimp C. Thankfully, the Kingz blessed us with a great double-album this year which helped to solidify their reputation with a whole new group of younger hip hop fans, and will certainly help to cement Pimp's legacy as an innovator of style both on the mic and behind the boards.

I've got some uploads for y'all, and I'll throw them up later. Got some new posts on the way soon as well. Both on here and on Ohword.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

...D.H.ELL. Why DHL Is The Worst Shipping Company In The World...

OK, it's official, the worst way to get a package delivered is through DHL. I've received packages from UPS, FedEX, and the USPS for as long as I can remember and I can't ever remember having any problems. I recently ordered a dress for my girlfriend's birthday through and when we discovered that the package had not been delivered on the day it was scheduled to be delivered we went online and checked the tracking number Bluefly had provided us.

The tracker showed that the package was delivered LDFD, when we looked into what that code meant, it means Left at the Door, the Front Door. So we called DHL to ask why on earth a courier would feel comfortable leaving a package by the front door, outside on a stoop of a walk-up apartment in the middle of a bustling metropolis. According to the company it is simply "up to the descretion of the courier" whether they are comfortable leaving a package on your door step. Well if the courier's descretion is really that poor, the courier should be fired. More disconcerting is that a delivery company has a policy that on the first delivery attempt it's an acceptable procedure to leave a package outside, virtually on the sidewalk without making any attempt to contact the resident, leave a notice, offer a pick-up spot, or have a neighbor sign for it.

Our apartment has a double buzzer system, and to my knowledge only the postman has a key to let him in the first door (and I'm pretty sure of this because my super is also kind of a dead beat and I can't see him making front door keys for even the UPS or FedEx guys, and he certainly wouldn't do so for a c-list delivery company like DHL).

So we've been in contact with DHL everyday since the incident, for the first three days they claimed they had to talk to the driver to ensure that he had coded the delivery properly and hadn't just thrown it back in the truck. We got the same response everytime we called for the first three days: The driver has left work for the day or hasn't started his shift yet (depending on time of day). When we formally complained through corporate, they did the same thing, and then offered us "overnight shipping" on our next DHL order (like we'll ever let them carry our packages again). It wasn't until we complained to Bluefly that we got any response from the company at all. They claimed that they had found the package and told us they wanted to deliver it that day. My girlfriend, not trusting their delivery man, told them to hold it at the center and we would go pick it up. So 6 days after the package was supposedly delivered we go all the way downtown on the Westside to 38th and 10th (hardly part of our regular commute).

Despite telling us explicitly that our package would be available for pick-up anytime after 3 pm, it was "still with the driver" at 6:15pm. They told us if we wanted to wait around until 8pm or come back, it would be available. So today, one week after it was "delivered" my girlfriend heads down there on her lunch break, after waiting for them to "look for it" for TWO AND A HALF HOURS they told her that "it wasn't there." The supervisor said "I think whoever has been telling you they found it is lying to you." When my girlfriend asked him what he planned to do about the fact that he is supervising employees who lie to their clients, he said "There's nothing I can do about it."

I have heard similar horror stories from friends, and had other bad experiences with this company in the past. At this point I question why anybody would knowingly work with a company that is this shiesty. So I'm not writing to request "Free shipping" or "Overnight" credits on my DHL account. I'm writing to say BUYER BEWARE, do not use DHL if you have any choice in the matter, and businesses you should not settle from this kind of service either. I don't know what kind of deals they are giving big corporations, but their service is horrible, they clearly have a roving batch of imbeciles as employees, they lie, and they DON'T CARE. Not only will I never have something shipped through them again, but I will boycott any company that uses them as their shipping provider. And you should too.