Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...I used to sneak in the house with my eyes all red, duck the blow that was aimed for my head...

Few artists have contributed so much to hip hop as Percy Chapman/Intelligent Hoodlum/Tragedy (Khadafi) and received as little recognition. Not that he isn't respected by the true school NY rap fans, but Trag is one of those rappers who often go unmentioned when people rehash the development of the New York hip hop scene in the 80's and 90's. He created the mold for child rappers to be successful and credible artists (few followed that mold of course, but Shyheim comes to mind), he was arguably the strongest influence on Nas (although Rakim and many others obviously had clear influence) and Queensbridge hip hop in general, he released two seminal hip hop albums in the early nineties (Intelligent Hoodlum and the classic Saga of a Hoodlum), and of course he's largely responsible for the unfuckwitable The War Report C-N-N album.

Sadly, other than The War Report, most of Tragedy's material has been out of print for years. Thankfully, Nature Sounds, the label that puts out Tragedy's latest group The Black Market Militia (which is pretty good if you're into the secret scrolls, revolutionary, illuminati watchin' rap sub-genre), has finally re-released both of Tragedy's first two albums with some nice bonus gems.

Here's the Nature Sounds Reissue with bonus tracks which I seriously hope you go out and buy.
Back to Reality
Trag Invasion
No Justice, No Peace
Party Animal
Black and Proud
Game Type
Microphone Check
Keep Striving
Party Pack
Arrest the President
Your Tragedy *
Live Motivator *
In Control Radio Show Freestyle - featuring Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie*
Back to Life (Marley Marl Mix)*
Go Queensbridge*
Super Kids Live at Hip Hop USA*
Shalom a Leck
Hoodlum Intro
Funk Mode
Grand Groove
At Large
Death Row
Speech (Check This Time)
Mad Brothers Know His Name
Pass the Tec
Pump the Funk
Role Model
Posse (Shoot Em Up)
Funky Roll Outro
Funk Mode (Extra P Remix featuring Havoc)*
Live & Direct from the House of Hits featuring Craig G*
Grood Groove (Remix)*
Street Life (Return of the Life Mix)*
At Large (Marley Marl Mix)*

Monday, June 25, 2007

More Updates On The Way

So I finally got my high speed internet hooked up over at the new crib. So, never fear, there will be more blogs and downloads coming soon. If you're looking for some fun and hip hop to do in your off-time, I suggest you make your way over to and hit up the T.R.O.Y. forum where they're voting on a best rap song of the 80's. If, like me, you were born after 1970, you may not remember all of these songs, but don't worry, the homey Admiral has done the honor of uploading each round's songs, so you download some hip hop history, and still make an informed decision (well as informed as you can make, hearing a song twenty plus years later than it originally dropped).

Here's the direct link to the T.R.O.Y. forum (this forum is probably the best thing imaginable if you have a fetish for that old school boom-bap).