Saturday, November 3, 2007

...D.H.ELL. Why DHL Is The Worst Shipping Company In The World...

OK, it's official, the worst way to get a package delivered is through DHL. I've received packages from UPS, FedEX, and the USPS for as long as I can remember and I can't ever remember having any problems. I recently ordered a dress for my girlfriend's birthday through and when we discovered that the package had not been delivered on the day it was scheduled to be delivered we went online and checked the tracking number Bluefly had provided us.

The tracker showed that the package was delivered LDFD, when we looked into what that code meant, it means Left at the Door, the Front Door. So we called DHL to ask why on earth a courier would feel comfortable leaving a package by the front door, outside on a stoop of a walk-up apartment in the middle of a bustling metropolis. According to the company it is simply "up to the descretion of the courier" whether they are comfortable leaving a package on your door step. Well if the courier's descretion is really that poor, the courier should be fired. More disconcerting is that a delivery company has a policy that on the first delivery attempt it's an acceptable procedure to leave a package outside, virtually on the sidewalk without making any attempt to contact the resident, leave a notice, offer a pick-up spot, or have a neighbor sign for it.

Our apartment has a double buzzer system, and to my knowledge only the postman has a key to let him in the first door (and I'm pretty sure of this because my super is also kind of a dead beat and I can't see him making front door keys for even the UPS or FedEx guys, and he certainly wouldn't do so for a c-list delivery company like DHL).

So we've been in contact with DHL everyday since the incident, for the first three days they claimed they had to talk to the driver to ensure that he had coded the delivery properly and hadn't just thrown it back in the truck. We got the same response everytime we called for the first three days: The driver has left work for the day or hasn't started his shift yet (depending on time of day). When we formally complained through corporate, they did the same thing, and then offered us "overnight shipping" on our next DHL order (like we'll ever let them carry our packages again). It wasn't until we complained to Bluefly that we got any response from the company at all. They claimed that they had found the package and told us they wanted to deliver it that day. My girlfriend, not trusting their delivery man, told them to hold it at the center and we would go pick it up. So 6 days after the package was supposedly delivered we go all the way downtown on the Westside to 38th and 10th (hardly part of our regular commute).

Despite telling us explicitly that our package would be available for pick-up anytime after 3 pm, it was "still with the driver" at 6:15pm. They told us if we wanted to wait around until 8pm or come back, it would be available. So today, one week after it was "delivered" my girlfriend heads down there on her lunch break, after waiting for them to "look for it" for TWO AND A HALF HOURS they told her that "it wasn't there." The supervisor said "I think whoever has been telling you they found it is lying to you." When my girlfriend asked him what he planned to do about the fact that he is supervising employees who lie to their clients, he said "There's nothing I can do about it."

I have heard similar horror stories from friends, and had other bad experiences with this company in the past. At this point I question why anybody would knowingly work with a company that is this shiesty. So I'm not writing to request "Free shipping" or "Overnight" credits on my DHL account. I'm writing to say BUYER BEWARE, do not use DHL if you have any choice in the matter, and businesses you should not settle from this kind of service either. I don't know what kind of deals they are giving big corporations, but their service is horrible, they clearly have a roving batch of imbeciles as employees, they lie, and they DON'T CARE. Not only will I never have something shipped through them again, but I will boycott any company that uses them as their shipping provider. And you should too.