Friday, December 7, 2007

...Hobby In The Lobby Presents Mac & Brad...

Here's a little mix I threw together after hearing the "Rain" off Beanie Sigel's new album The Solution. I'm still not sure how I feel about The Solution as I haven't had time to fully digest it, and it seems like an album that will probably grow on me. Sige took a different direction musically, but it was probably time for that, hopefully he'll come back on something a little different than this, but he didn't go too far left field for me. And he's still killing those verses. Anyway "Rain (Bridge)" features Scarface and it made me think "Hey there just might be enough Beanie and Face collabs out there to make a little mix." There were actually a couple more than I remembered, four of 'em happen to feature Jay in his prime too, and that's never a bad thing. A studio album with these two would be fucking incredible, I'm sure it'll never happen, but at least we can dream. Scarface's album Made, is also out, and as usual it's a great record. It's an imperfect album to be sure, but the last four or five tracks are murderous. Enjoy the mix.

Mac & Brad (Link Fixed)

Mac and Brad
Guess Who's Back featuring Jay-Z
Moms Prayin' featuring Jay-Z
This Can't Be Life featuring Jay-Z
Some How Some Way featuring Jay-Z
Never Snitch featuring The Game
Rain (Bridge)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna D/L this as soon as the link is back up... thanks B. Ware

B. Ware tha Siniq said...

back up